Atlin Morgan grew up in the Vancouver area and trained as a classical singer but decided to forego a classical singing career in favour of becoming a a singer-songwriter when she realised how much she loved writing and performing her own music. She has always loved the jazz classics, such as those sung by Ella Fitzgerald, and has combined her vocal skills singing jazz with her classical singing background to sing with a clean, confident, versatile and emotionally expressive sound. Her eclectic music influences include bands and musicians like Radiohead and Björk, along with classical music and music from the 1930s and 1950s. This wide range of influence has given her music a unique sound. 

Atlin writes in many styles including pop, alternative rock, jazz, blues, folk, musical theatre, classical and choral, although many of her songs bend genres or combine them. Atlin's debut album, Lady Grey, due out in 2024, is comprised of 13 songs written in multiple genres in a traditional ‘concept album’ format with a strong storytelling thread tying the songs together. She has so far released five songs from her upcoming album as singles. 

She is currently working on finishing her album, as well as playing shows in the Vancouver area and taking an active role in the vibrant Vancouver open mic community.