Sharing Stories Through Song

What People are Saying:

PLASTIC MAGAZINE wrote this about Atlin and her duet partner, Daniel Sinclair, on their single, ‘Home’:

A classically trained singer turned singer-songwriter, Atlin radiates a clean, confident and emotionally expressive sound that mirrors her diverse influences.

Their superb vocal performances and Atlin’s timeless songwriting combine to deliver an enduring piece of music that’s sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who hears it.

LOST IN THE MANOR said this about Atlin's voice on ‘Home’: Her vocal finesse, a fusion of jazz and classical mastery , lends the piece an emotionally resonant quality





Raised by a folk singer mother and vocally trained by an opera singer father, Atlin Morgan was surrounded by music from birth. After seeing her first musical, 'Annie' at the age of three, she fell in love with singing and musical theatre and has been either singing or writing music ever since. She got her B.A. Music with distinction from Augustana University in Camrose, AB. 

 After singing in choirs, teaching music for a number of years, performing in musical theatre revues and writing a musical for children about the Coastal Rainforest called "Rainforest Rescue", Atlin has begun to pursue her life-long dream of recording an album and establishing a professional career as a singer/songwriter/composer. Her album, Lady Grey is due out in 2024. She has recently released four singles with a fifth due out soon.

Atlin writes for and sings in a number of styles and loves the challenge and fun of working with different music genres including pop, alternative rock, jazz, folk, blues, choral, soundtrack and musical theatre. 

She takes an active part in Vancouver's amazing open mic community and plays shows in the Vancouver area.