About ‘Home’ Atlin’s third single,  ‘HOME’ from her upcoming  album, Lady  Grey, is an original duet with a nostalgic, easy-going feel that transports you to another time and place while listening.

‘Home’ features talented Vancouver-based musicians Daniel Sinclair on guitar and vocals and Atlin Morgan on piano and vocals. The warm voices of both singers paired with the laid-back vibe of the instruments makes it a perfect song to listen to for many occasions, such as during the holidays, in a coffee shop on a rainy day or with that special someone. Atlin and Daniel’s voices blend so well that, at times, they sound almost like one voice. They both complement each other, while at the same time blending beautifully. 

‘Home’ was originally not a duet, but after a jam session where Daniel and Atlin tried out singing on one of each other’s original songs for fun, Daniel’s smooth and warm voice added so much to the song, Atlin knew it needed to be a duet and asked him that day if he’d sing and play on her album. As an exceptional guitar player, Daniel’s guitar solos add extra warmth and vibrancy to the recording.

As a busy mom, Atlin was finding it challenging to make time for studio recording, so she recorded and mixed the duet at home herself. Living in a small home with kids, without a dedicated recording space and close to busy Coal Harbour provided her with many challenges, but it was an amazing learning experience and has given Atlin new confidence in producing her own music.  

Atlin is hoping her new duet will make its way into the catalogue of beloved and timeless duets.


ATLIN MORGAN:  Atlin Morgan grew up in the Vancouver area and trained as a classical singer but decided to forego a classical singing career in favour of becoming a a singer-songwriter. She has always loved the jazz classics, such as those sung by Ella Fitzgerald, and has combined her vocal skills singing jazz with her classical singing background to sing with a clean, confident, versatile and emotionally expressive sound. 

Atlin writes in many styles including pop, alternative rock, jazz, blues, folk, musical theatre, classical and choral, although many of her songs bend genres or combine them. Atlin's debut album, Lady Grey, due out in late January of 2024, is comprised of 13 songs written in multiple genres in a traditional ‘concept album’ format with a strong storytelling thread tying the songs together. 

DANIEL SINCLAIR: With music coloured by imagery of the American West, Alberta-born singer-songwriter Daniel Sinclair has roots in the storytelling traditions of folk music. His virtuosic guitar playing hints at bluegrass and country, but isn't squarely those things either. "My parents were very musical when I was little, and so were their parents - so were my siblings, so were my friends. It would have been strange not to play." But he credits his unique style largely to Tommy Emmanuel. "I heard him and it was like striking gold." 

Atlin and Daniel are both currently busy with shows in the Vancouver area and are strong members of the local, vibrant open mic community. They are each making a name for themselves as solid performers with unique talent that leave the audience wanting more. ‘Home’ is their first song collaboration. 

What People are Saying:

 “ Their superb vocal performances and Atlin’s timeless songwriting combine to deliver an enduring piece of music that’s sure to put a smile on the face of anyone who hears it.” -Plastic Magazine

Atlin Morgan's "Home" is a melodic alchemy, blending genres from jazz to blues. Daniel Sinclair's baritone voice features on the track and it dances in perfect synchrony with Morgan’s. -Lost in the Manor